Déclaration des capitales nordiques pour le climat

We, the Mayors of the Nordic capitals urge negotiating parties at the COP21 in Paris this year to take decisive actions towards the goal of substantial and immediate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change.

The Nordic capitals are frontrunners in the fight against climate change and have shown great responsibility through actions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They have long been acknowledged for their leadership on this front, through ambitious innovations and increased use of renewable energy.

Our cities - located by the sea

The Nordic capitals have many things in common. We are all harbour cities whose identities and characters are strongly and positively shaped by the unbreakable tie with the sea. Our Nordic location and the fact that we are all situated by the sea bring similar challenges in our fight with climate change. It is crucial that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and by doing so also reduce our adaptation needs.

Making the shift

Our cities have shown strong leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing resilience. They should be acknowledged for these efforts and recognised as essential by the parties under the UNFCCC. Nordic city leaders are prepared to continue along this path and take further ambitious actions for the benefit of coming generations.

Our objectives are, in accordance with the frameworks set by respective city councils, to :

• Fight climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions beyond national targets The majority of the world’s population lives in cities, accounting for an estimated 75 percent of all CO2 emissions according to UNEP. Cities have high levels of energy consumption and are a part of the solution in reaching the target of limiting global warming to no more than 2°C. The Nordic capitals have continued their diligent work in reducing emissions through increased energy efficiency and by converting to renewable energy solutions, regardless of the outcomes of past climate negotiations. A climate agreement that actively supports this work would, however, facilitate and intensify our efforts.

Reduce the impact of sea level rise, flooding and extreme weather by making our cities more resilient
Like other cities we face changes towards extreme weather such as heavy rainfall and heavy snowfall, and less biodiversity. The Nordic capitals are currently investing in adapting measures. At the same time, we have shown that reduced emissions from cities can be handled very cost-effectively compared to adapting the cities to the changed climate.

We commit to fight climate change and create resilient cities by :

• Continuing to make the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a top priority for the Nordic capitals.
• Supporting each other in the quest for innovative solutions to reduce emissions.
• Reducing the impact of rising sea levels through careful and innovative planning.
• Considering biodiversity within our cities through careful and innovative planning and
• Sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices on how to reduce emissions from our
operations and green public procurement.

We urge the negotiating parties at the COP21 to support cities in taking bold climate action
The Nordic capitals welcome and support strong commitments to a substantial emissions reduction in the final agreements at the COP21, in order to ensure that global warming is actively limited to no more than 2°C. The Nordic capitals all have commitments, targets and real actions supporting those goals and are all prepared to execute them.
We urge the parties at the COP21 in Paris in December 2015 to support the actions of the Nordic capitals as well as the actions of C40, Eurocities, ICLEI, Compact of Mayors and the New Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and ensure that necessary means and resources are available for all cities to take bold climate action.

The mayors of the Nordic capitals :
City of Copenhagen
City of Oslo
City of Stockholm
City of Helsinki
City of Reykjavík
City of Tórshavn

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